Turnstile Gate price in Lahore & Pakistan

Turnstile Gate Price :

Turnstile gate is very important for security where entrance is a highly classified the most important part about this gate is that is not only secure your building but it give a beautiful and unique look to the entrance.

The main importance of turnstile gate is that it will allow only one person at a time to enter the premises so that security can keep a check and balance.

Another feature that Techno Inn offers in turnstile gates is Access control system.

The feature of access control system in turnstile gates are mostly used in Corporate sectors, Universities, Airport, Train stations (orange line train) and Big Bus stations like metro bus.

Turnstile gate priceTurnstile gate price

Specifications : 

Full Height Turnstile Gate

  • Height 7-foot (2.1 m) high
  • Material used Steel, Aluminum
  • Automatic and manual setting
  • Optional Access control system

Tripod Turnstile Gate

  • Height 3 feet
  • Material used Steel, Aluminum
  • Just come in Automatic setting
  • Option to install the access control system

Techno Inn Prices : 

  • Tripod Turnstile gate price (Stainless Steel) 1,70,000 Dimension 3×3.
  • Full Height Turnstile gate price (Stainless Steel ) 3,20,000 Dimension 7 feet height and 5 feet length.
  • Tripod Turnstile gate price (MS Steel) 1,15,000 Dimension 3×3.
  • Full Height Turnstile gate price (MS Steel ) 2,15,000 Dimension 7 feet height and 5 feet length.

Techno Inn client portfolio 

These are the client list that are very satisfied with the services of the techno inn.

  • Armed forces
  • CMH

Why choose Us.

  • Highly professional
  • Good quality and standards
  • Cost efficient
  • Manufacturer

In the ending note i would like to mention that all the big companies of the physical security systems in Pakistan actually do business with us. The reason they do business or give orders to us because these things are manufactured in our own  manufacturing unit, that not only produce the finest product but also save the cost as well.

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