Road Blocker

Road blocker :

Road blocker is one of the most important security aspect of the building. Road blocker not only stop the unwanted vehicle at the entrance but can also stop multiple hits of a moving object coming towards the road blocker at the speed of 85km/hour.

Techno Inn Road blocker started getting attention due to the high security alert in Pakistan specially after some terrorist attacks.

Not only the main aspect of security in Pakistan is road blocker but also it is international recognized.

Road blocker Context.

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Feature : 

Our road blocker gives the best security and pricing.
Some of the feature that our Road Blocker give is below.

Dimensions                        3 x12 x 3ft

Starting Height                 750mm

Power                                   K-4, K-8, K-12 rated

Transformer                       110-120VAC, 50-60 Hz, or 220-240VAC, 50 Hz (optional)

Solid                                      Mild Steel Electrostatic powder coated

Temperature                     -10 to +55°C

Humidity                             95% Max.

Controlling Unit               Micro Controller

Mode                                    Manual and Automatic

Colors                                   Color design according to customer’s request

To read further requirement and electric specification head out to this page Road Blocker.

Techno Inn most popular Project regarding Road blocker is Lahore airport

Techno Inn most recent Project is in Quetta due to security reason we can’t disclose the organization and building name.

It is most commonly used in :


Pricing : 

  • Road blocker starts at 4,50,000 k8 and it can be customized up to k12 but the cost will be increased accordingly

Customization : 

  • Can be customized with a traffic signal light to indicated if the person is authorized to get in or wait.
  • Can be customized with a Switch or card identification system to swipe the card and the road blocker will let you go on.

Why any of our Client Choose Techno Inn Road blocker.

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Durable Product
  • Diverse range of security product that we offer
  • Clients Trust in Us

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