Aluminium Studs

Aluminium road stud with rod is a road safety equipment used in urban roads and expressways, shopping malls, hospitals, gas stations, and in streets where there are parking lots. Aluminium road stud can also be used as road separator and lane regulator. It warns the drivers about road endings and lane endings.

Road stud with rod is made of aluminum in 10 x 10 sizes. Its weight is 320 gram,. Aluminium road stud with rod has 25 tons compression resistance which is resistant to heavy vehicles. It is mounted on the ground with epoxy cement with the help of the rod. The rod size is 20 x 50 mm. There are reflexive reflectors on both side of the road stud. Each reflector has 43 pieces of glass beads. Aluminium road stud provide clear vision and road safety by reflecting the headlights of the vehicles.

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