Road Blocker

Techno inn main cause of attention is that we are Road blocker manufacturer. Road blocker is getting more attention since the first blast took place in Pakistan.

We have been in the security business for more than 12 years and most of the briefcase companies are actually our clients.

Road blocker comes in different varieties and styles :

Let’s talk about the variations first

  • K8
  • k10
  • k12
  • k24

These categories are based on different threat levels to different companies.

Our k8 Road Blocker price is starting from 4,50,000

With every even number increasing in the K main a better and stronger road blocker

Our Road blocker can stop a hit of a vehicle coming at the speed of 85km/h and still be functional.

Our Airport Project :

Road blocker comes in 4 shapes other than the standard one above

Click on the name of the Road blocker to further have a look at the features.

All of the styles come in with their own feature with one function that makes your entrance unpenetrable for any external threats.

The most important part is that we are directly manufacturing these products in Pakistan.

  • Easy Maintenance
  • No Hassle of contacting different manufacturers in China and Turkey
  • As the product is Pakistan based no import tax no freight rate tensions

Have a look at our Project videos

Rising Surface Mount

Hydraulic Bollard

Why Choose Techno Inn

  • Our Portfolio

  • More than 100 + client list
  • Direct Manufacturer
  • Cost-efficient
  • Customer Satisfaction Driven
  • Believe in Long term Relation

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