Tyre killer manufacturer

Tyre killer manufacturer

Tyre killer is one of the basic security equipment used in the security industry, mostly implanted at the entrance of the building or the entrance of the parking area.
Techno Inn is the tyre killer manufacturer in lahore and pakistan, our tyre killer can be customized in varies way.

  • Length
  • Spike size
  • Automatic
  • Manual

Tyre Killers are designed to destroy vehicles trying to forcibly enter any secured area. If a vehicle attempts to break through, its tyre’s and axles will be destroyed. The tyre Killer and the modular Tyre Killer SHARK offer a high degree of protection against unauthorized entry or exit of hostile motor vehicles.

The only difference between manual and automatic tyre killer is that automatic one comes with a motor and automation with a single switch to turn the spikes up and down.

For Specification and Feature Please go through this Article or Product page .

Type of Tyre Killer Techno Inn Offers :

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